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Loan for self-employed – the best deals for comparison

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With our comparison calculator "Loan for companies and the self-employed" you can easily find the right loan, be it for business purposes, such as for pre-financing orders and increasing the warehouse, or for raising capital for private purposes.

Based on our non-binding and completely free loan comparison, you, as a self-employed person or freelancer, will receive several offers from which you can choose, giving you an initial overview of current interest rates, conditions and the possible loan amount. With the help of our loan comparison, financing with inexpensive interest rates can be found quickly.

If you need a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income or if the loan required is a flexible loan for companies, you will certainly find the appropriate lender and the loan tailored to your needs on our portal. Get a quick overview of current loan offers on the German market and benefit from low-interest rates and optimal conditions. This information has no effect on your private lender and is only for information purposes.


loan requirements

A loan for the self-employed is aimed exclusively at the self-employed and freelancers who want to take out a loan for business investments. In such a case, numerous banks offer financing. However, if a consumer in this professional group wishes to take out a flexible installment loan for private consumption purposes, they usually have to expect the bank to cancel because many direct banks do not grant credit to the self-employed.

Loans for start-ups and freelancers are only granted under stricter conditions, as unlike civil servants or employees they do not have a secure income. The monthly income depends on the order situation and the payment behavior of the customers. Therefore, a loan for the self-employed often comes with increased security requirements and higher interest rates. In addition, the loan application must be submitted with a detailed balance sheet and a positive private lender score. Furthermore, two to three years of independence are required.

Recognized collateral for a loan for the self-employed


This is how you can increase your creditworthiness.

In addition to the three previous financial statements, a far-reaching business concept, which is underpinned by an idea of ​​success, is of considerable importance for the potential lender. Even if the collateral is not sufficiently recognized, a convincing business concept can often be the decisive impulse to win over the lender and get a loan approved.

Young self-employed and freelancers, in particular, find it difficult to obtain the desired loan without the appropriate guarantee. It is often the case that borrowers rate their collateral as promising and attractive, but the lender rejects it. As a rule, lenders accept the following collateral for a loan for the self-employed:

  • Real estate and land
  • Shares/securities
  • guarantee
  • Company car / bus / van
  • office equipment

Self-employed credit - providers and types

Self-employed credit - providers and types

Loans for the self-employed are associated with major hurdles, especially with poor creditworthiness, and as a self-employed person, you have to struggle with many conditions and requirements until you get your financial injection. Various banks and credit institutions, as well as independent persons (private investors), grant a loan for the self-employed.

  • If you want to apply for a loan as a self-employed person without collateral, you should create a plausible business concept. The concept should be very detailed to convince the bank and show how you want to invest the money. If the loan amount creates added value, the banks are inclined to grant a loan even without collateral. Established companies have it easier in this regard since after three years of existence finance experts assume that the company has built up a firm foothold. An established company can look back on positive numbers for years, and lenders can expect it to continue to be in the black. The older and more renowned the company, the less security is required.
  • Start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers are very likely to talk to their credit institution or online bank about financing in the first step. However, it is always the case that they are rejected there for various reasons. In most cases, the reason is poor creditworthiness or the lack of a certain amount of equity. For this reason, young entrepreneurs are increasingly opting for a much less complex loan. Behind the peer-to-peer principle are private individuals who make money available to the entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you do not have to submit any complicated business concepts to obtain a loan, but simply describe your project in an understandable form and explain the use of funds.

Several private investors can participate in the investment sum. However, the borrower is granted the full investment amount at a fixed interest rate. The following applies here - the right presentation is essential because a good presentation can hide the risks of lending.

Apply for a vacation loan easily

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The holiday budget of Finns is minimal compared to that of neighboring countries. What budget do you spend on vacation? Do you save money, rely on vacation money or have a vacation loan help?

Finnish holiday budget smaller than in neighboring countries

Finnish holiday budget smaller than in neighboring countries

According to a recent survey, Finns are on holiday this year with a holiday budget of around $ 1,300 per household.

The holiday budget has fallen slightly from previous years, by around 5%, and is significantly lower than our Norwegian or Danish neighbors, for example:

  • Norwegian holiday budget 2500 $
  • Danish holiday budget 2000 $
  • Swedish holiday budget 1700 $

Holiday budgets have also fallen in Sweden and Denmark, but the Norwegians have increased spending on vacations since last year. The amount set aside for holidays in Finland has been decreasing for several years.

According to another study, the most common summer vacation budgets in Finland are between $ 500 and $ 2000, a quarter estimate that they spend between $ 500 and $ 1000 and 23% spend between $ 1001 and $ 2000.

Budget is being raised slowly by saving and compromising on the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eating out and shopping is scarce when a holiday fundraiser is collected. However, not everyone has the opportunity or time to save for a long vacation.

You can also finance your holiday by applying for a travel loan, which can be a regular Flex or consumer loan. This makes it possible to spend the money on both the actual travel, the accommodation and the running costs of the holiday.

You do not even need to take out a flexible credit at once, but you can use a credit facility to withdraw money from your account, for example, in a flexible way and only when needed.

This kind of travel loan can also give you the opportunity to pay for the trip in installments, which reduces the costs accrued for one month.

Have a smart holiday - low budget tours

Have a smart holiday - low budget tours

You can also giggle for a holiday trip with a small investment. After all, there are ways to make a great trip without compromising, as long as you can take the time to work hard and be on time.

Choosing a destination will greatly affect the amount of money you spend on your vacation. Central Europe may be fascinated, but the purse says "no"?

No problem, as there are gigantic destinations in Eastern Europe that have not yet been found by the tourist masses and have managed to maintain both spectacular scenery and affordable prices.

When traveling with children, you may have to compromise on budget travel, keeping in mind the comfort of traveling for young people.

In the adult group, on the other hand, you can save the long penny by flying and changing flights.

And wherever the network works and text messaging, holiday credit comes in handy. For example, Flex Credit gives you the opportunity to immediately withdraw your QuickJarndyce family to your account from your Flex if there is a rookie along the way.

The Jarndyce family wishes all holidaymakers and travelers a wonderful and hot summer! Let the fly fly bite and go boldly to the world!

Getting loan while having low income

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Are you looking for a low income loan but the credit world seems to ignore your financing needs? In this case, you are probably only addressing the wrong provider.

In the credit advisor we present which loan offers your request belongs to, what commercial lenders pay attention to. You will see that even with a small income, an adequate loan does not have to be an obstacle. If desired, the money can even be available in real time.

Low Income Credit - Regular Banks View

Low Income Credit - Regular Banks View

The success of a loan application often decides to understand the perspective of the lender. A typical case for the rejected low-income loan would be a pensioner's attempt to loan from his house bank. Unfortunately, a pensioner with an average pension amount can save the application for an installment loan practically without exception. In this situation, loyal customers no longer understand their bank.

Years of loyalty to the bank and the good credit history of the past do not help retirees if no attachable income is achieved. A single pensioner without maintenance obligations would have to earn at least a net pension of 1079.99 USD to prove attachable income. The statistics show the level of an average pension to be significantly lower.

Without a attachable income component, the pension is not sufficient for lending. The clerk often rejects a "real" credit check when he sees the pension notification. He does not refuse the low-income loan out of bad will, but because he is not allowed to approve it. Most branch banks protect themselves against costs in the event of repayment problems and against loan defaults through clear rules.

Interested parties receive installment credit only if they can be attached in an emergency. The clerk can help - with no additional collateral - at most with a small overdraft facility.

Credit security - key to lending

Credit security - key to lending

Credit security is the top priority in times of the USD crisis and mini-interest rates. A regular low-income installment loan can be promised to people who have extensive attachable assets, such as a paid house. The alternative would be that a solvent co-holder (guarantor or co-applicant) assumes liability for the loan.

But there is an exception to every rule. A few online providers allow the installment loan with clean private credit checker even if it is not attachable. However, there is no quick automatic approval process for this. The individual case is checked. A relevant loan is possible from a net income of around USD 850 if the budget statement shows a clear surplus.

Such a low-income loan would be checked by hand. Only in this way can conclusive arguments prove that the loan will be paid safely. An example of this would be a loan for a young low earner who lives with parents. He doesn't have to pay rent or make a living himself. In such justified exceptional cases, the feat can succeed in obtaining a significant installment loan.

Creditworthy despite low income - short-term financing

Creditworthy despite low income - short-term financing

The best known short-term financing is the overdraft facility. It is even granted to trainees as soon as they are 18 years old. In contrast to the interest rate on the installment loan, the bank collects up to eight times the interest rate for the overdraft facility granted. In addition, the loan can be due at any time. In contrast to the installment loan, the credit institution can do without complicated dunning procedures. Due date opens up the option to enforce as quickly as possible.

Another short-term financing would be possible via the credit card. A “real credit card” can be applied for from a net income of around 650 USD. The card includes a leeway of around 1,000 to 1,500 USD. If the game room is exhausted, payment in installments can be requested. Again, the high interest rates on this option for the low-income loan are a disadvantage.

Microcredit is relatively new to small income borrowers. Microcredit enables financing with a term of 30-90 days. A mini loan of 100 - 1,000 USD is available for this short term. Lending can take place in real time, for example in the “bank credit emergency call”. With existing customers can arrange the loan payment within 30 minutes.

Low income loan - installment loan from private

Low income loan - installment loan from private

All of the aforementioned regulations relate exclusively to the lending of commercial credit providers. With the loan from private to private, each lender decides who he wants to grant a loan according to his personal ideas. Private investors decide freely and thus offer special opportunities for low-income loans.

With regard to the loan for pensioners, a long-term study shows that the loan through Best credit company often closes the credit gap. Compared to other low-income credit requests, pensioners also have a particularly low risk of default among senior citizens. Best credit company offers serious contact with both private investors and banks when it comes to small-income loans.

It is not a clerk who decides on the lending, but the bids of the community. No investor has to take the risk alone. Bids are made in small installments, which every investor provides with money at his discretion. Thanks to the capital division achieved in this way, a loan with a low income of a significant magnitude is not an unmanageable risk. Inside the portal, the investor is even insured in the amount of his investment capital.

Credit for indebted people.

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The loan for indebted people is always possible, depending on their personal credit rating. The situation is different for over-indebted borrowers. For them, the "red line" of lending has already been exceeded. The contribution deals with additional loans, also in the context of debt restructuring.

So it's not a problem.

Credit for indebted people - so it

In practically every curriculum vitae, situations arise that make the loan inevitable for indebted borrowers. A classic example of this is real estate acquisition. A house or a condominium, nobody pays out of their pockets. A mortgage loan is the most common type of loan for such large purchases. But even for people who have bought a house or an apartment, the world does not stop there. It often takes up to 20 years before such an object is actually paid off. For the property owner, the loan usually starts with the wear and tear of the vehicle despite the current loan.

The vehicle doesn't last forever. Financing a new car from equity is practically impossible for home builders. Nevertheless, mobility has an important place in the life of families. You can rarely get to work without a reliable car. Few people can afford to lose their job or even achieve it in a very time-consuming manner. A reliable vehicle is therefore an essential purchase. Provided that creditworthiness permits, credit for indebted people - as a vehicle loan - is almost the rule for property owners.

Debt restructuring as an increase in liquidity.

Debt restructuring as an increase in liquidity.

Loan commitments are often very long-term. A long period within which the monthly installments are to be paid keeps the amount of the installment low. However, it sometimes becomes problematic when the living and income situation changes. An uninterrupted career, practically only civil servants now have. For the majority of the population who work in the free economy, the times of unemployment are present in almost every résumé. It becomes problematic when unemployment lasts longer or when the income in the new job has decreased. The old loan obligations can then become a burden.

The loan for indebted people as a debt rescheduling loan can be the only way out of this predicament. The concept of debt restructuring is very simple. The current loan obligations are repaid early via the debt rescheduling loan. As a result of the payments already made, the total amount of the loan amounts to be reduced has decreased significantly. The reduced total will be refinanced when the debt is rescheduled. So the term of the loan starts again. The rate is getting lower, liquidity has been gained.

Consumer loans despite existing liabilities.

Consumer loans despite existing liabilities.

Existing liabilities are not necessarily an obstacle to further consumption. Depending on their personal living and income situation, each person has an individual credit line. The loan for indebted people remains possible until this line of credit is reached. Each provider evaluates what he sees as acceptable for the borrower. As a rule, the credit providers assume the sum of the disposable income - above the attachment limit - for their assessment.

With small loans and department store loans, the evaluation process is even easier. In this context, the loan for indebted people is often only dependent on the “clean” private credit checker and the income from work.

Get a personal payday loan to finance your travel

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More and more households are putting an end to vacations due to tight budgets. However, there is a solution that could help you finance a trip without breaking your bank, the personal travel loan. The personal payday loan is a flexible loan that allows you to finance any kind of project, including travel and vacations!


Personal travel loan, what is it?

Personal travel loan, what is it?

The personal payday loan is part of the family of consumer loans. But unlike conventional earmarked loans such as work loans or car loans, the personal payday loan is an unrestricted loan. This means that you decide the destination of the funds alone. You can use it to buy household appliances as you can use it to pay your bills. You are not accountable. More and more households are using personal payday loans to finance a trip. It can be a honeymoon trip, a family vacation or just a romantic getaway. It can finance both travel and accommodation, and even catering. This loan is for those on a tight budget but also for those who do not want to invest all their savings in a single project.


How much can I borrow?

borrow money

As a consumer loan, the personal payday loan is capped at $ 75,000. Rare are however the organizations which propose such a sum and the offers are often limited around $ 20,000. Besides, for a trip, it's more than enough. The amount you can get depends mainly on your ability to repay. This is assessed using your current debt ratio. Your fixed charges are taken into account, including rents, invoices, children's school fees, these incompressible charges which you have to face. Also considered are outstanding loans that you have to honor. As a general rule, your debt ratio must remain below 33%, including charges and credits.There are online tools that allow you to accurately determine your debt ratio and determine how much you can exactly borrow.


How to find a personal payday loan offer?

How to find a personal loan offer?

All credit organizations offer personal credit offers. In order to sort them, use an online credit comparator. This tool allows you to list all available credit offers but above all to sort them according to your criteria. You limit the results to the most relevant to make your choice easier. This tool is most often accompanied by a credit simulator which gives you all the details as to the credit conditions, interest rate, duration of the credit, amount of monthly payments as well as ancillary costs such as insurance costs or application fee. This will allow you to determine the overall cost of your loan in advance.

Don’t risk yourself by borrowing money from loan sharks

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Nowadays, it is impossible to have almost any item in life without taking credit. Debt-money service is a must. Those who want to buy a house take out loans such as home loans, those who want to buy a car, those who get married, and those who want to buy new items in their homes. Unfortunately, not everyone can get the amount of credit they want. Most people cannot even get credit.

To have a loan, you must first pass these criteria

To have a loan, you must first pass these criteria Because the banks that you want to borrow have various criteria for lending. To have a loan, you must first pass these criteria. Our company helps you with these issues. In this way, getting credit is definitely not a dream anymore, it is very easy. All you have to do is fill out the quick application form on our company's website. Our company also helps you with many topics. It offers consultancy services to those who cannot increase their credit scores, to increase their credit scores. Think that we are the first company that comes to mind when it comes to borrowing money. Since you have a low credit score, you will not be deprived of the loan you want. Located on the home page of our company; If you specify the amount of loan you want and how many months you want, our specialists will give you a quick return. In this way, you will get the loan you want to receive quickly. The important thing for us is to meet the needs of our valued customers at the right time.

There are people looking for usurers because of their debts

There are people looking for usurers because of their debts In particular, we invite all those who do not have SSK, have a low credit score, are on the black list, those who are lawyers, and those who do not pay the credit card. Because we are aware that there are people looking for usurers because of their debts. That's why we want to help you. Our company definitely serves you legally. Only those who have problems with bank loans can now get as many loans from banks as they want. Our company is to serve you like a loan company. The only difference is that all the transactions we do are legal. So fill in the simple form on the homepage of our website right away, without any question mark in mind. We support you to get the loan as soon as you want. Apply now, your needs are not waiting.

5 Credit Errors you have no excuse for setting

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Some credit score killers are hard to avoid, such as missing a mortgage because you lost a job or far above your credit cards because you are overwhelmed with medical bills. But many of the most common credit blunders are simple mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Here are five credit mistakes you have no excuse for making - no matter what form your finances are in.


Forget to pay your bills on time

Forget to pay your bills on time

You could keep all the money you need to pay off your loans, but if you fail to keep track of when your bills are due, you can easily dent your credit score with just a casual 30 day late payment. If you miss an invoice with just a few days, your bank cannot report that late payment to the credit bureaus. But it can still cost you a painful late payment. Many credit cards, for example, charge late payment costs as high as $ 38 for repeat offenders. If you have regular space on your bill payments, take advantage of the automatic payment service from your bank so that you can be sure that you have paid at least the minimum amount. Many banks also offer email and text reminders so you have no excuse for forgetting your monthly payment.


Prioritize Other loan payments in excess of your Credit Card Bills

Credit Card Bills

Many people struggling to pay their bills prioritize larger loan payments, such as personal and auto loans, over their credit cards, according to the credit information agency WelendUnion. As a result, late payments on credit cards tend to occur more frequently. But skipping on a credit card bill just because your finances are tight is a mistake. Most credit cards charge a minimum of only 1 percent of your balance, plus any interest that you have made, or 2 percent of your total assets. So, for example, if you owe $ 1,000 over a card that costs a minimum of 2 percent of total assets, you would expect to pay just $ 20 - that's not much more than the cost of a large pizza. If you can afford to spend on a Meat Lovers' Supreme, you can afford to pay your credit card.


Throw or File your invoices without looking at Them

credit loan

It can feel like a chore to comb through your invoices for incorrect or mysterious costs. But don't care just because it's boring. You would wind up paying for a fee that you did not make, or miss out on your chance to challenge an erroneous payment from a trader. The Fair Credit Billing Act gives you the right to dispute trader errors in invoices, such as incorrect or duplicate costs ... But you must file a dispute within 60 days to take advantage of the protection. (You have a little longer if the unauthorized charge is from someone who stole your credit card details.)

But you can't dispute a fee if you never even go to your bill, and may also not be aware of the fact that someone will keep your credit card stolen. It might be boring, but read your bill.


Ignore Your Credit and Scores

Credit Scores

You also have the right to view each of your credit reports from the big three credit reporting companies - at least once a year, free of charge - Exporian, Qualifax and WelendUnion. But if you do not use this annual payment, you can never know if credit report errors or unauthorized accounts are unfair to your credit score. To view your free reports, visit credit reporting generating websites. You can also keep tabs on your credit scores free by using the free credit score services offered by your credit card.


Close an old credit card account

credit card account

If an old card from dust is collecting in your wallet, you can be tempted to close the account and discard it. But unless you pay a large annual fee, it's a mistake to close your card. Closing a credit account could unexpectedly thing your credit score, even if you don't use the card in months. an important part to your score - By closing the account, you will reduce the total amount of credit that is available to you, which will negatively impact your credit usage ratio.

And if it's your oldest card with a long history of on-time payments, the consequences can be even worse, because this dents you in the "length of credit history" department. Lenders like to see long-term accounts with a positive payment history, but closed accounts with a history of on-time payments will eventually drop off your reports. Place the card in your sock drawer if you must, but do not close the account; and consider making a recurring payment to ensure that the bank does not close the account due to inactivity.

Borrow money 18 years

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If you have reached the age of 18, it is natural that you think it should not be a problem to borrow money if you wish. Of course, it is easy to believe that it is not the age that will affect whether you can borrow money or not. A credit check must, for obvious reasons, always be passed regardless of the age of the borrower. Unfortunately, however, it is not that simple, but there can often be rules that say that a borrower must be a certain age in order to be approved. In this article we will therefore explain a little what applies to slightly different loan types and age. Which ones are good to borrow if you are 18 years old and which ones can be much more difficult.

Borrowing money 18 years - Micro loans

Borrowing money 18 years - Micro loans When it comes to micro-loans, the rules are a bit varied. But in general, about 2/3 of the credit institutions have rules that say that people who are 18 and want to borrow money are not allowed to do so. This is an estimate on our part which means that it is not certain that it is completely correct. But the positive is that the remaining 1/3 of the credit institutions approve applications from 18-year-olds. Another positive is that the rules and prices do not differ at all, it is just to find the cheapest lender that can fit. The disadvantage that exists is that the selection of lenders becomes smaller which risks leading to the fact that the cheapest ones cannot be chosen. Actually, there is no direct relationship between the price and the age rules that the lenders have. But since it often varies which ones are the cheapest for different amounts, the risk is greater that you will have to pay more than if you were a few years older. To find a list of lenders that offer you who are 18 years old and would like to take a micro loan, please visit our article where we address just that. Read more about micro loans 18 years.

Borrow money 18 years - Private loan

Borrow money 18 years - Private loan When we think of private loans here, we mean loans that are between SEK 10,000 - 350,000 approximately. The rules here are also a bit different for different lenders. But in general it can be said that the slightly larger banks usually do not choose to look at the age so carefully but more care about the income. However, the loan institutions that specialize in slightly smaller private loans often have rules that say that the applicant for a loan must be at least 20 years. If you only have a good economy in general with a stable income, it should not be a problem to borrow money if you are 18 years old through a private loan. Compared to micro-loans, this requires a better economy with a higher monthly income and it is just how large this income and some other factors that the lenders are more interested in not the age. If you have these conditions, it is also positive for you as you can turn to the larger lenders who are also usually the cheapest to borrow from.

Borrowing money 18 years - Mortgage

A home loan should be the easiest for you who are 18 years old to obtain, in that regard, the age should not affect very much. Since the loan has the home as collateral, the lender will feel more secure with this type of loan. So if you have a sufficiently high income while keeping an eye on the rest of the economy, it should not be a problem to borrow money if you are 18 and looking for a mortgage. When it comes to mortgages, there are often other things like the ability to pay a sufficiently large cash contribution that can put a spanner in the wheel. Sure, you can borrow a cash contribution too, but then the economy should also be good enough for this which can often be difficult.

Guaranteed bad credit loans -Get up to $1000 via bad credit loans online today

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With good management of our personal finances, we can save month by month without having to deprive ourselves of anything. The keys to starting good management of our economy are very simple and will help us to create an image of what our situation is. We must analyze what our revenues are and what our expenses are, what savings capacity we have and what financing needs. For all this, we can help a multitude of tools, from a simple table to create a budget as a comparator that will allow us to compare financial products to make the best decision. It is very important to know well the financial products that we have hired or those that we are going to hire and never give any product that we do not know. Understanding correctly the contract of the products we have signed is key to having control of our personal finances and avoid future scares such as unexpected commissions, permanence clauses that we did not know or exaggerated interests in case of delay.

Get up to $1000 via bad credit loans online today

Reforming our home, paying tuition for a university degree or buying a car are costly projects that our savings can not always afford. If we need extra help to finance any type of project, Citrus North has a wide variety of financing products in the market, from the bad credit loans online of the whole life to the mini-credits, without forgetting other options such as the commitment of cars. In addition, in the current context, loan providers have multiplied and now, in addition to banks, private lenders can be used. If you want to know more about loans, below you will find the most interesting current topics in this section:
  • Microcredits
  • Pawn of cars
  • Personal loans simulator
  • Urgent loans

5 tricks to take charge of our finances

Keeping up to date and having our personal finances controlled is not as complicated as it seems and the result can be very positive. For example, if we have savings, we can invest them in a deposit to be rented instead of leaving them in a 0% checking account if we are not really going to need the money or if we usually postpone payments when using our credit card. devote a few minutes to analyze the conditions of the "plastic" and see if there is any better in the market than settle for what we have because, in the end, we can get expensive. Here are 5 tips to take charge of our personal finances:
  1. Analyze our financial situation and ask ourselves what our financing needs are, what use we usually give to the card or what capacity of saving we have. You will not need the same type of product a user who always pays at the end of the month that one who constantly delays their purchases or a customer who needs financing that one who is looking to save. There are apps from some very developed banks that help us with this task.
  2. Analyze the financial products that we have contracted (accounts, deposits, cards, loans ...) and check if they meet our needs and if they are the most competitive in the market. It is also important to know the exact conditions of all of them.
  3. Compare the products that we already have with the rest of the existing options in the market, to check if there are better ones. It seems a lie, but by choosing our account, our deposit or our card we can save or earn a generous difference of money.
  4. Establish an action plan . For example, we can consider starting to save a certain amount of money per month or reduce our debt by decreasing, for example, the deferred payment with a card. There are many tricks that will allow us to reduce our expenses.
  5. Investigate what the market offers us and be aware of the promotions, maybe there is one that interests us. Banks continuously launch campaigns to attract new customers ranging from discounts to gifts. So if we are attentive, our personal finances can be greatly benefited.
Next, the most debated topics of the main products of the market:


The accounts are indispensable financial tools for our domestic economy. Thanks to them we can manage payments and collections. We must know that not all accounts are the same: some are used for day-to-day operations while others give us the opportunity to save by offering a return on our money. Here are the main topics you need to know about bank accounts:
  • Open an online bank account
  • Advantages and gifts per household payroll
  • Accounts with insurance and free cards


Deposits are simple and risk-free savings products that give a return for the money deposited in them. Between them, we find many differences, both in the interest rate and in the requirements of the product. Here are some pages that will help us to know if we are thinking about hiring one:
  • Fixed-term money, investment without risk
  • How to invest in time deposits
  • Deposits with a gift, an interesting fixed-term option


Carrying an excessive amount of cash on top of, in addition to annoying, can be dangerous. Thanks to the cards we can make any purchase without having to carry the full portfolio. But not only that, the cards are very versatile products: they allow you to make purchases over the Internet, withdraw money from an ATM, borrow a certain amount of money from the line of credit, etc. On the other hand, it should be noted that now we do not even need to have a plastic since we can have virtual cards in the smartphone. In addition, cards (especially credit cards) have many advantages, such as discounts, the return of purchases or free insurance. If you want to know more about this means of payment, below you will find its main characteristics:
  • Cards without commissions
  • Credit lines
  • Online credit cards


Mortgage loans, better known as mortgages, allow you to buy a house and finance it over a long period of time, which can be several decades. Next, you will find all the information you need about the world of mortgages, what requirements the bank requires to grant a mortgage loan, what expenses entail the purchase of a home and what you should take into account to avoid contracting abusive clauses. In addition, you will learn to compare the different options to choose the best mortgage in the market and we will give you the tools to calculate the quotas and the total cost.
  • Mortgage simulator
  • Mortgage deficiency
  • Buy house

What should we look at before hiring products?

Before hiring any financial product it is important to read the contract carefully and pay special attention to the "fine print". Depending on the product (loan, card, deposit, account, mortgage ...) it will be necessary to fix more in some aspects than in others, but, a priori, these five points affect all the previous products:
  1. The interest. It is a percentage that reflects the performance of the borrowed money, either in favor of the client or in favor of the bank. In the case of financing products, the interest will reflect the money that will have to be paid to the bank for the loaned capital, while in the remunerated accounts and in the deposits, it will reflect the interests that the client will earn.
  2. The commissions. This point is very important. Each product includes costs that we will have to pay special attention to. To find out the prices we can consult the book of rates of the entity, available on its website or any of its offices.
  3. The access requirements. In general, the fewer requirements an entity requires us to hire a product, the better.
  4. The linked products. Some entities oblige customers to contract extra products that a priori may not need to contract other products or give them better conditions. It is usual when contracting a loan or a mortgage that the banks demand the insurance contract, for example. It is important to analyze the cost of this type of added products.
  5. The operative. You have to find out what channels you can operate without paying costs (virtual banking, offices, mobile applications, phone calls ...).