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The holiday budget of Finns is minimal compared to that of neighboring countries. What budget do you spend on vacation? Do you save money, rely on vacation money or have a vacation loan help?

Finnish holiday budget smaller than in neighboring countries

Finnish holiday budget smaller than in neighboring countries

According to a recent survey, Finns are on holiday this year with a holiday budget of around $ 1,300 per household.

The holiday budget has fallen slightly from previous years, by around 5%, and is significantly lower than our Norwegian or Danish neighbors, for example:

  • Norwegian holiday budget 2500 $
  • Danish holiday budget 2000 $
  • Swedish holiday budget 1700 $

Holiday budgets have also fallen in Sweden and Denmark, but the Norwegians have increased spending on vacations since last year. The amount set aside for holidays in Finland has been decreasing for several years.

According to another study, the most common summer vacation budgets in Finland are between $ 500 and $ 2000, a quarter estimate that they spend between $ 500 and $ 1000 and 23% spend between $ 1001 and $ 2000.

Budget is being raised slowly by saving and compromising on the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Eating out and shopping is scarce when a holiday fundraiser is collected. However, not everyone has the opportunity or time to save for a long vacation.

You can also finance your holiday by applying for a travel loan, which can be a regular Flex or consumer loan. This makes it possible to spend the money on both the actual travel, the accommodation and the running costs of the holiday.

You do not even need to take out a flexible credit at once, but you can use a credit facility to withdraw money from your account, for example, in a flexible way and only when needed.

This kind of travel loan can also give you the opportunity to pay for the trip in installments, which reduces the costs accrued for one month.

Have a smart holiday – low budget tours

Have a smart holiday - low budget tours

You can also giggle for a holiday trip with a small investment. After all, there are ways to make a great trip without compromising, as long as you can take the time to work hard and be on time.

Choosing a destination will greatly affect the amount of money you spend on your vacation. Central Europe may be fascinated, but the purse says “no”?

No problem, as there are gigantic destinations in Eastern Europe that have not yet been found by the tourist masses and have managed to maintain both spectacular scenery and affordable prices.

When traveling with children, you may have to compromise on budget travel, keeping in mind the comfort of traveling for young people.

In the adult group, on the other hand, you can save the long penny by flying and changing flights.

And wherever the network works and text messaging, holiday credit comes in handy. For example, Flex Credit gives you the opportunity to immediately withdraw your QuickJarndyce family to your account from your Flex if there is a rookie along the way.

The Jarndyce family wishes all holidaymakers and travelers a wonderful and hot summer! Let the fly fly bite and go boldly to the world!

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